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28th September 2021 by Technical Director 0 Comments

What is Millboard?

In this article we are going to be explaining what millboard is why you should choose it for your decking. Over the last few decades millboard has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and there are many talented craftsperson’s out there who master in creating you the best-looking millboard balcony decking.

A little information about millboard

measurements being taken of boards

Combining the natural beauty that you can see in real wood with the strength and durability of polyurethane. You can rest assured that your millboard decking will not warp or rot like you experience with natural wood. Maintaining that highly attractive decking for your home for many years to come.

Contrary to popular belief, Millboard decking is actually safer than most wooded decking as it has exquisite anti-slip properties. Also being wood-free this means that it has a high resistance to algae growth.

You will also find that Millboard is a lot stronger than wood decking in general as the core of millboard is a blend of natural minerals bonded with a polymer resin and long fibre reinforcement which adds to the strength of material.

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