Blazeboard non-combustible decking unveils a secret fixing system

Having ticked all the regulatory boxes for high-rise residential use with flying colors: CE marked (UKCA mark on its way) Third party certified A2,s1-d0 non-combustible Durability tested Slip resistance PTV 36+ in ALL directions in wet and dry One of the unique advantages of Blazeboard has always been that it could be cut and shaped [...]

What is Millboard?

In this article we are going to be explaining what millboard is why you should choose it for your decking. Over the last few decades millboard has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and there are many talented craftsperson’s out there who master in creating you the best-looking millboard balcony decking. A little information [...]

Why You Should Choose Our Non-combustible Decking

As Blazeboard is the number one choice in the United Kingdom for non combustible decking, you can imagine that is it high time that we talk about the benefits of non-combustible decking. Contrary to popular belief, there are many different types of non-combustible decking but the type we wish to talk more about today is [...]

Does EWS1 affect Balconies?

Following a number of advice notes regarding flammable cladding, the Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) Advice Note 21 was published to address issues with balcony decking.  This was released after a residential fire in Barking in June 2019 where timber balcony decking for highrise were a substantial factor in the spread of [...]

A report by The London Fire Brigade

In its latest report on the New Providence Wharf Fire , The London Fire Brigade has again highlighted the importance of ensuring that balconies are constructed wholly from materials of limited combustibility. Whilst some buildings may have been assessed and it may have been decided that combustible materials are not to be replaced on balconies. […]

Summary of BS 8579 2020

BS 8579 2020 was published on 28th August 2020 and offers guidance on the design of balconies and terraces.  This British Standard considers the following design considerations for balconies and terraces: Structural Fire Finishes Wind Accessibility Safety Thermal Drainage Acoustics The standard makes the distinction between a balcony and a terrace in that a balcony […]

Balcony Decking Selection Guide for Architects and Specifiers

Following a number of notable balcony fires and the Hackitt report, Approved Document B was changed in November 2018 (and also as amended in December 2019 and April 2019) in that balconies must now be made from materials of limited combustibility.   The MHCLG followed this up with advice that culminated in January 2020, advising building [...]

The Combustibility of Balcony Decking

It’s not just cladding Due to recent focus on cladding, we thought it timely to write to you to discuss that the issue is not just about cladding, balconies are as much of a concern yet don’t seem to get as much coverage, and the problem can be more difficult to solve because of the [...]

Message From Our Commercial Director

Following a number of notable fires and the Hackitt report, Approved Document B was changed in November 2018 (and also as amended in December 2019 and April 2019) in a number of respects including that balconies must now be made from materials “of limited combustibility”. The MHCLG followed this up with advice that culminated in [...]

Advantages of Using Blazeboard for Balcony Decking

The team at Blazeboard is very experienced. They have worked with wood to create attractive designs for flooring and balcony decking. We applied our engineering experience of re-inventing construction materials to create Blazeboard which provides the visual and feel appeal of wood, whilst achieving the non-combustibility requirements demanded by the building regulations. They are suitable [...]

Introduction To Blazeboard: A Premium Balcony Decking Solution

Blazeboard is a non-combustible decking board for balcony decking. It provides a high-quality, elegant and robust look and feel for both residential and commercial applications. It fully satisfies the requirements set by the Approved Document B 2018 for high-rise residential developments. It is finished in wood grain or grooved anti-slip profiles, making it ideal for […]

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